Project C.O. is a collaborative fashion photography company. Composed of two photographers, Michael Carr & Josh Ohms, Project C.O. integrates two minds towards one goal: To create inspiring images that embody the spirit of the project while depicting their unique perspectives. By fusing together emotion, elegance, subtlety and understanding of light, these two photographers are forging ahead with sites set high.

With 11 years of combined photography experience, Carr and Ohms understand the importance of feeding the creative spark that lies at the core of artistry.  This is a necessary understanding because fashion is art.  Approaching the world of fashion photography from this viewpoint allows Project C.O. to stay true to their roots while experimenting with unique and sometimes unusual techniques.

"I fell in love with the depth of art in fashion photography. Taking a simple idea and watching it grow into a beautiful collection of images is the epitome of satisfaction"  -Carr

"For me, it's about the mystique and juxstaposition of both the beauty and the bizarre that piqued my interest in fashion. The designs happen to be a great bonus."  -Ohms

With two studio locations, Dayton, OH and Chicago, IL, Project C.O. hopes to continue their growth through connecting with artists and agents nationwide. 

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